Technical Services

Agile Solutions + Deep Expertise + Technology Know-How

Technical Professional Services

We partner with governments, communities, businesses, organizations, and professional peers nationwide to transform thinking, operations, and capabilities. Our targeted services span the built world, providing our partners with comprehensive analysis, valuable project management tools, targeted strategies, and technology know-how.

Mapping + Remote Sensing

Unlike traditional surveying methods, remote sensing allows us to offer our clients an extremely high-resolution dataset in a fraction of the time. Our remote sensing capabilities also allow us to monitor construction and building performance in real-time. Using LiDAR scanning from a tripod system and from UAS, our team can gather data within a very large area of focus. We offer our clients a full data acquisition service, which can include customized data collection.

Field + GeoPhysical Testing

We craft the optimum combination of state-of-the-art geophysical methodology and exploration techniques for each client, and employ conventional geotechnical exploration, LiDAR, and site instrumentation and monitoring. Because of our unique level of expert specialization, we are distinct in also employing advanced numerical modeling and visualization programs to development high-quality, accurate simulations of the subsurface.

Geotechnical + Construction Materials Testing

Our in-house lab space, modern equipment, and extensively trained personnel can test and verify compliance of soil, concrete, asphalt, and other materials used in construction and like projects globally. We offer a multitude of. testing and support services to our clients and are uniquely positioned to perform testing that other companies don't offer.

Numerical + Stochastic Modeling

Since 1996, we've provided clients with unparalleled engineering simulation and numerical modeling expertise. Because of our proven track record, companies look to us to solve their most challenging analyses in an efficient, collaborative manner, with full knowledge transfer at the end of our services.

Technical Animation

Our team can virtually recreate real-world above grade and subterranean structures, locations, and environments with precision to streamline pre-construction planning, as well as pre-construction risk assessment and mitigation. Post-construction technical animations provide accurate, realistic, and efficient models of the most salient aspects of a project's design and construction, which are often crucial in insurance coverage determinations and analyses of actual liabilities, resulting in efficient dispute resolutions.